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    softec microsystems烧录器 flashrunner烧录器 ISP在线烧录器 SMH-TECH通用烧录器

    • 产品名称:softec microsystems烧录器 flashrunner烧录器 ISP在线烧录器 SMH-TECH通用烧录器
    • 产品型号:烧录器
    • 产品厂商:其它品牌
    • 产品文档:
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    Flash Runner 是一台通用性生产型的在线烧录器,它是多年微处理器调试和程序烧录总结的解决方案。

    softec microsystems烧录器 flashrunner烧录器 ISP在线烧录器 SMH-TECH通用烧录器



    Smh-tech/softec mirosystems**性的通用在线烧录器


    Flash Runner 是一台通用性生产型的在线烧录器,它是多年微处理器调试和程序烧录总结的解决方案


    • 上等-支持多种设备制造商
    • 快速减少编程时间意味着降低生产成本
    • 灵活-可应用于任何编程配置
    • 可靠——确保数据完整性和不间断生产流程的特性



    • ISP使制造变得更容易和更便宜
    • ISP设备可以在设备已经焊接到PCB时进行编程
    • ISP使固件更新成为可能而无需额外费用
    • 降低制造成本,支持灵活的电路内测试,并提供更快的上市时间


    • 顶部面板保护主硬件并复制状态led。如果在您的编程/测试系统中集成空间是一个问题,你也可拆除他。
    • 内置的计时器/日历允许详细的、有时间戳的日志。因此,生产问题可以追溯到它们发生的确切时刻。
    • C - Flashrunner使用标准的、可移动的优良数字卡(*多2GB)存储二进制图像文件、项目和日志文件。
    • 易于安装在ATE和测试装置内。与安捷伦、PTI派捷、Genrad等系统兼容。
    • 连接层提供连接到您的编程/测试系统的接口。包括光电隔离电路和以太网连接器,以连接到主机系统。
    • F -编程引擎层(所有Flashrunner系列设备都通用)包含了所有Flashrunner电子在紧凑的足迹。
    • 为速度而造的闪电侠是为速度而造的。硬件和固件都被设计成以一种有效的方式一起工作,以消除通信瓶颈。在此基础上,开发了达到目标设备内存技术速度极限的快速编程算法。这使FlashRunner成为市场上速度*快的通用系统内程序员之一,使您能够显著降低生产成本。
    • 广泛的IC覆盖FlashRunner的完全可重构和灵活的硬件能够编程大量基于闪存的微控制器和串行存储器。目前支持5000多种IC,FlashRunner的设备列表不断快速增长。由于我们与*重要的硅制造商有特殊的合作关系,我们的工程师不断更新较佳手的技术信息,从而得到及时和**的设备支持。
    • 紧凑和健壮的FlashRunner以上等进的电子产品为特色,为您提供高集成灵活性在紧凑的足迹。系统的每个组件都经过了设计,能够承受*严酷的生产环境。光电隔离、ESD保护、数据传输的CRC和详细的报告使FlashRunner成为*重要的编程流程确定性的上等选择。
    • 简单的和固定的集成它的简单和通用的接口系统允许FlashRunner容易和无缝集成到自动测试设备(ATE)系统。
    • FlashRunner与Agilent、Teradyne、SPEA、PTI,Genrad等系统和测试装置兼容。FlashRunner可以在独立模式下工作,也可以由主机系统通过以太网或RS-232连接驱动。
    • 数据保护系统FlashRunner实现了一个可选的数据保护系统,使二进制文件的内容被编程到目标设备上,不被授权人员读取(且****)。此外,保护系统扩展到编程周期,防止生产人员篡改编程流程。
    • 面板PCB编程FlashRunner支持面板PCB编程。提供多个ISP输出,允许多个设备编程,无论是在单个板上,还是在面板组装的多个板上分布。
    • 技术支持和服务购买产品只是解决您的编程需求的一部分。我们知道,如果需要的话,你必须依靠专业的帮助。flashrunner是由全球经销商和系统集成商组成的网络销售和支持的,有三年的保修期,并有知识丰富、快速的技术支持。此外,我们的工程师可以定制设计和验证报告,以帮助您启动项目,并向您提供准确的编程流程证明


    Products Overview

    A Revolutionary, Universal, Production In-System Programmer


    Why FlashRunner

    FlashRunner is a universal, production In-System Programmer. It is the result of many years of experience in developing programming and debugging solutions for microcontrollers.

    • FlashRunner has been carefully designed to be
    • Universal - Supports multiple device manufacturers
    • Fast - Reduced programming time means reduced production costs
    • Flexible - Can be applied to any programming configuration
    • Reliable - Features ensuring data integrity and uninterrupted production flow

    Why In-System Programming

    The programming of devices In-Circuit or In-System (ISP) eliminates limitations associated
    with traditional programmable devices (On-Socket or Pre-Programmed). ISP delivers benefits
    to In-Board and System Level design, manufacturing and programming processes.

    • ISP makes manufacturing easier and cheaper
    • ISP devices can be programmed while the devices are already soldered to the PCB
    • ISP makes firmware updates possible without additional costs
    • Lower manufacturing costs, enables flexible in-circuit testing, and delivers faster time-to-market

    The Flash Runner Series


    A - The top panel protects the main hardware and replicates status LEDs. CAn be easily removed if space is an issue when integrating in your programming/testing system.

    B - A built-in timekeeper/calendar allows for detailed, timestamped logs. Production problems can thus be traced back to the exact moment they happened.

    C - Flashrunner uses a standard, removable Secure Digital card (up to 2GB) to store binary image files, projects and log files.

    D - Mounts easily inside ATE and test fixtures. Compatible with Agilent, Teradyne, SPEA, Genrad and other systems.

    E - The connection layer provides connectors to interface to your programming/testing system. Includes optoisolation circuity and an Ethernet connector to interface to a host system.

    F - The programming engine layer (common to all Flashrunner Series instruments) contains all of the Flashrunner electronics in a compact footprint.


    Built for Speed FlashRunner has been built for speed. Both the hardware and firmware have been engineered to work together in such an efficient way as to eliminate communication bottlenecks. On top of this, fast Programming Algorithms have been developed that reach the memory technology speed limit of the target device. This makes FlashRunner one of the fastest universal In-System Programmers on the market, enabling you to significantly cut production costs.

    Extensive Device Coverage FlashRunner’s fully reconfigurable and flexible hardware is capable of programming a vast amount of Flash-based microcontrollers and serial memories. Currently supporting more than 5000 devices, FlashRunner’s device list is continuously increasing at a fast pace. Thanks to special partnerships with the most important Silicon Manufacturers, our engineers are constantly updated with first-hand technical information, which results in prompt and comprehensive device support.


    Compact and Robust FlashRunner features state-of-the-art electronics to provide you with high integration flexibility in a compact footprint. Every component of the system has been engineered to withstand the harshest production environments. Optoisolation, ESD protection, CRC on data transfers and detailed reports make FlashRunner the perfect choice when certainty of the programming flow is of the utmost importance.

    Easy ATE and Fixture Integration Its simple and versatile interface system allows FlashRunner to be easily and seamlessly integrated into Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) systems.
    FlashRunner is compatible with Agilent,PTI Teradyne, SPEA, Genrad, and other systems and test fixtures. FlashRunner works either in standalone mode or driven by a host system, through Ethernet or RS-232 connections.


    Data Protection System FlashRunner implements an optional data protection system that makes the contents of the binary file to be programmed to the target device not readable (and not duplicable) by non-authorized people. Moreover, the protection system extends to the programming cycle, preventing production personnel from tampering with the programming flow.


    Paneled PCB Programming FlashRunner supports programming of paneled PCBs. Multiple ISP outputs are provided, which allow multiple device programming whether on a single board or distributed across multiple boards in a panel assembly.


    Technical Support and Services Purchasing a product is only part of solving your programming needs. We know that you must count on professional help should the need arise. FlashRunneris sold and supported by a worldwide network of resellers and system integrators, comes with a three-year warranty and is backed up by knowledgeable and fast technical support. Additionally, our engineers are available for custom designs and validation reports, to help you start up your projects and providing you with accurate programming flow certifications.



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